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Arrested Development & Rights Of Passage

The primary ‘Rite of Passage’ of our birth defines the shape and form of our life path. It takes special care to overcome the traumas of birth when they are self-evident. However when those traumas have been hidden by the passage of time they becomes more difficult to treat. Any stage or phase of human development can be arrested by accident or injury and until that arrested development is addressed a person may fail to thrive.

In today’s world, few people are lucky enough to be competently led through their personal ‘Rites of Passage’. Those most easily recognized are Birth, Marriage and Death (hatch, match and dispatch). Ancient Tribal and Clan based cultures all held fast to ceremonies acknowledging our key developmental milestones. Remnants of these vital practices still exist in Christening, Bar Mitzvah and many other similar rituals. The process of Reiki Treatment and Reiki Attunement can enable an individual to successfully renegotiate their rights of passage and so be released from their arrested development.

Healing Crisis

A healing crisis occurs when the body feels safe to bring to the surface experiences, emotions and physical pains that have been locked away. Only when the time is made right and you feel secure does your body stir up debris from the past creating a necessary healing crisis. This crisis is part of the healing process and may need extra support. The most important step is to get out of the way of your natural healing process.

Treatment Cycles

It is usual to see someone for three or four initial treatment sessions. These sessions would be separately bespoke designed to illuminate the individual issues (RX1 treatment), release impediments and clear blocks to healing progress (Rx2 treatment), stabilize structures, integrate self and plan the way ahead (Rx3 treatment). A fourth session is required when patterns have been ingrained into the mental lattices (Rx4 treatment).

Treatment One is for how you express energy, plus your relationship to Men, Father & your Mind.
Treatment Two is for how you receive energy, plus the relationship to Women, Mother and your Body.
Treatment Three is to help you to integrate the two primary aspects of self into a more unified whole, plus deeper relationship to inner child and Spirit.
Treatment Four, should it be required, heals and soothes the mind (how we can overcome patterns that habitually trigger unwanted thoughts generating unhelpful outcomes).

Some people require a number of treatment cycles before attending Reiki Training Courses.

Rate Of Personal Progress

Your rate of personal progress is entirely decided by the available resources and your ability to respond to the changes that you envisage for yourself. Few of us know who we are destined to be and few can see ourselves clearly enough to apply the person specific healing lessons that we require.

Coincidence and Synchronicity

Start today and take note of the coincidences you notice on your way to work, at home, while you are walking along a road or at a meeting etc. The more you notice, the more appreciation and energy you can direct to the things you really want. Life is full of wonderful moments and these have taken years, waiting in the wings until a time when it is right and possible for you to experience them.

Mother Earth Healing Mantle

The image above is of a painting by Nadine of Isis Healing (The Reiki Master who most diligently and excellently attuned me to Mastery).

I’ve included this image in honour of Nadine who tirelessly raised the teaching of Reiki back to the levels of best practice. Nadine remains for me the highest example of possible honour to Mother Earth. When she wore her Healer Mantle the stars would pay homage and when she wore her Teacher Mantle you always understood what she wished to demonstrate. Usui came to assist her healing training classes and Hayashi taught her the sword of accurate symbol formation. When Takata came, Symbol Two would be embodied, in the space and any impediment to progress granted us permission to proceed.

Five of my first Nine Reiki Degrees were granted by Nadine in Sacred Ceremonies in Shamanic Circles of the wisdom of Love, Life, Light & Law.

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